Love that never asked

FeaturedLove that never asked

Love that never asked
never got any answers
Love that asked in disguise
Got disguised answers

So don’t sit there and pine away
Don’t call it unrequited love
Which never spoke
Or demanded anything

For all things that are thrown
Fall and possibly break
Who wants to throw a heart of all things
to someone who is probably not looking

So don’t sit there and pine away
and call it unrequited love
When they think
They are an afterthought to you
When they don’t know
You even know they exist


The things we hid in the spaces between the planets

The things we hid in the spaces between the planets

The things we hid in the spaces between the planets
Light years and light years of pain we hid in sighs
and sweet nothings
The starry smiles under which we hid our disspointments
the dark side of the moon
where we tucked away our anger and rage

Now, though I touch you,
you are planets away
for the nebulous truths we told
and the unresolved quarrels
now hang between us like an asteroid belt

We have bruised ourselves in such screeching silence
that now for a protection
we wear our icy rings around us

Whatever made us stop talking, really really talking?

They say words are bricks we can build with
but we never knew silence
Is as vast as the space between planets
That though we orbit around ‘love’
No one ever told us that silence is
a severe centrifugal force
that pushes us further out of love and each other
With every word we won’t speak
Every feeling we gloss over
Every confession we won’t make
Every apology we won’t render

The things we hid in the spaces between our planets
has become the icy chasm between you and I now
We can’t hear each other
because we don’t talk anymore!

You are Brave

Some have nothing to fear;
they are fearless,
yet they are not brave.
Some are born without fear;
they are fearless,
yet they are not brave.

The brave you see
are brave
not because they are fearless
but because they had a lot to fear
yet refused to fear!

When they sing the songs of praises
It will not be to the Goliath you slayed
It will be to how small
A David you were
and yet…
You are brave!

While we wait

While we were waiting for the sun to shine through our darkness
Others were lighting their lamps
Others are making the day
While we wait for it
Others are seizing day from barren night
While we wait for the right time
It’s all in a day’s work we say
Well, others are getting more than a day’s work done
… While we wait

Letter to Self

Dear self,
Your voice for life is loud
you long to live in the sweet cuddles of easy nows
in the parameters of pleasure-
to you that is life.

My dear self,
I know how you absolutely hate discomfort
and will seek comfort regardless of consequences-
to you that is life.

My self,
I also know you yearn for more…
for more than the easy and the possible…
I know, when you look over the brow of your ship of comfort
into the storm of life
you see the saviour treading the waves
I know you hear his voice that beckons
it says to you, “step this way to impossibilities!”
I know you hear him

Yet you dont respond, my self,
you don’t
because it means death and loneliness and pain and suffering
…but more life, more life

Dear self,
I wrote to tell you
I am tired of the crowded places of life,
and the meaningless applause of men.
Self, we both want life, more than it offers
life in abundance
but we know
except a grain of wheat will fall to the ground and die…

Dear self,
I wrote to tell you
I’m ready for more
I’m stepping over the deck
into the waves of imposibilities.
Self, your loud voice won’t stop me
death is necessary for greater life

So shut up and die!!!!!



Potent Poison

Potent Poison

I thought I could be Pygmalion
and you, my ivory sculpture
A ghost that I could nurse to life

Though I caught hints of what you were from the start,
I was already sliding down that hill
uncontrollably falling
In love with you

There was something spurious about your smile
But I loved it all the same
Something nifty…shifty in your swagger
But you killed me with that

I bent over backwards
to sieve truths out of the lies you told me
So I could believe you
Finding reason to believe you
even against reason

You kissed me to that little stool
I felt the noose you put around my neck
“A gold chain” isn’t that what you are calling it?

I know in time
you are going to kick the stool from underneath me
that I will soon be hanging by this gold chain
When that times comes

Yet I can’t seem to do without you

-I find myself wanting badly

things I know will kill me
It’s like thirsting for a potent poison to live.

A very potent poison…
-That’s what you are to me!